Cheap Vacations To Acapulco, Mexico


Acapulco has been a vacation getaway since the 1950s with Hollywood celebrities (Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and Eddie Fisher) and wealthy individuals coming here to enjoy some relaxing time on the beach. Since then there have been a number of new resorts built to satisfy the demands of the modern traveler.

Weather: 15 – 35 C
Language: Spanish; basic English in tourist areas
Currency: Mexican Peso; $1 CD = 13.02 pesos (as of December 3, 2012)

Getting There & Getting Around

The General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport (ACA) is located 26km from Acapulco and handles flights arriving and departing Acapulco.

Bus: There is a blue and white bus that will take you anywhere in the city for 4.5 pesos. Buses marked with “Costera” are your best bet. Unmarked buses often drive really slow and take detours. There are also air conditioned buses for 5.5 pesos but these come less frequently and often the AC will be broken creating an oven inside as the windows do not open.

Taxi: There are three types of taxis offered in the Acapulco area. There are a number of blue and white Volkswagen taxis. Drivers will always try and overcharge so negotiate a price before leaving. Typical fare is around 25 pesos. There are yellow and white taxis that drive along La Costera for about 10 pesos. Then there are tourist taxis. These are air conditioned and offer more comfort than regular cab but they are much more expensive with fares of 50 to 100 pesos.


Acapulco Ritz Hotel ★★★☆☆

Copacabana Beach Hotel Acapulco ★★★★☆

Crown Plaza Acapulco ★★★★☆

El Cano ★★★★☆

El Tropicano ★★★☆☆

Emporio Acapulco ★★★★☆

The Fairmont Acapulco Princess ★★★★★

The Fairmont Pierre Marques ★★★★★

Park Royal Acapulco ★★★★★


Capilla de la Paz (Chapel of Peace)
Calle de la Paz, s/n | Fraccionamiento Las Brisas, Acapulco 39979, Mexico
This chapel has a great history and architecture to go with it. Plus there’s a beautiful view over the entire city.

CiCi Acapulco Magico
Av Costera Miguel Aleman s/n esq Cristobal Colon | Fracc. Costa Azul, Acapulco 39850, Mexico
This waterpark has lots of rides as well as an aquarium. Swim with the dolphins.

El Fuerte de San Diego
Calle Hornitos s/n | Colonia Centro, Acapulco 39300, Mexico
This fort has been transformed into a museum displaying historic artifacts.

Isla La Roqueta
Travel to the island on a glass bottomed boat and then enjoy the nice beaches, snorkel to see the famous underwater virgin statue or eat at the restaurant.

La Quebrada
Plazoleta de la Quebrada 74, Acapulco 39390, Mexico
Watch the cliffdivers perform while enjoying a meal at the restaurant or just stand by the cliffs and watch the show!

Restaurants & Nightlife

Costera Miguel Aleman No 2, Acapulco 39850, Mexico
This nightclub has a cave/jungle  theme and attracts many.

A Un Lado Del Oceanic 2000, Acapulco 39690, Mexico
This international restaurant is serving up some seriously tasty dishes and a great wine list.

La Casa de la Pasta
Blvd de las Naciones 504 Local 7, Acapulco 39890, Mexico
This Italian eatery is doing everything from scratch making it easy to customize orders.

Carretera Escenica Las Brisas, Acapulco, Mexico
This nightclub is a favourite with locals and tourists and for a cover charge it’s open bar so go crazy! Some hotels offer a night out here with a hotel rep.

MOJITO Acapulco
Costera Miguel Aleman, Acapulco, Mexico
This is place to go for salsa dancing. There is usually a live band.

Avenida Escenica 120, Fracc. Lomas del Marques, Acapulco 39880, Mexico
This restaurant has a Spanish influence on its dishes serving up Paella and other seafood options. This restaurants glass walls give a great view of Puerto Marques.

Su Casa
Avenida Anahuac 110, Acapulco 39850, Mexico
This Mexican seafood restaurant is in a quaint setting. Try the flaming coffee!

Av. Escenica s/n Fraccionamiento El Glomar, Acapulco 39887, Mexico
This Mexican Thai fusion restaurant is located on a hill with beautiful view of the bay. Make sure you try the lechee martinis!

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