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Cayo Coco is an island north of Cuba that is part of a group of islands called ‘Jardindel Rey’ which translates to King’s Garden. The island of Cayo Coco is known for its many white sand beaches that span twenty kilometers of shoreline with coral reefs so old they are now exposed in some areas.


Weather: 20 C – 35 C ;Cayo Coco enjoys subtropical climates all year round, with a rainy season from May to November which is when hurricanes are most likely to hit.
Language: Spanish, although English is spoken in many areas
Currency: The Cuban Convertible Peso; most hotels have a money exchange office on site, although not all will exchange travel cheques. Visa, MasterCard and credit cards are widely accepted.

Getting There & Getting Around

Cayo Coco is has a small airport of its own, the Jardindel Rey International Airport, which services Cayo Coco and the surrounding islands.

Walking: As Cayo Coco is only 17km in diameter it’s easily to get around and walking is a good option for short trips.

Horse and Carriage: Horse drawn carriage tours are available and pick you up right from the hotel.

Hop-on-hop-off Bus:This bus travels from Varadero to all the hotels in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo and costs 5 CUCs for an all-day pass (children ride free). This service provides transportation to the popular beach of Playa Pilar.

Rental Cars: Rental cars allow you to see those places outside the main tourist areas where you can really immerse yourself in the local culture. You must be 18 years of age and have a valid drivers license to drive. Main roads are usually in an acceptable condition but many side roads are in disrepair and highways do not have lights making it dangerous to drive at dark.


Gand Caribe Club Villa Cojimar★★★☆☆

Hotel Playa Coco★★★★☆

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort★★★★★

Sol Cayo Guillermo★★★★☆

TrypCayo Coco★★★★☆


Moron Plus Day Tour by Cubatur
Villa Azul, Edif. 15, Cuba
This tour has a number of interesting stops, including a crocodile farm!

La Cueva Del Jabali
This nightclub is located in a cave, talk about a once in a life time experience! For 25 CUC you will get transportation and access to an open bar.

Sugar Express Tour
this tour really has it all with speedboats, horse and buggies, a steam train and a sweet trip to the Sugar Mill.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Arena Real
Hotel Meliá, Morón, Ciego de Avila

Bar de Playa
Hotel Sol Cayo Coco, Morón, Ciego de Avila

La Arcada
Hotel Sol Cayo Coco, Morón, Ciego de Avila

La Fontanella
Hotel TrypCayo Coco, Morón, Ciego de Avila

Laguna de la Leche
Laguna de le Leche, Morón, Ciego de Avila

La Silla
Pedraplén a Cayo Coco km. 18, Morón, Ciego de Avila

Salsa Café
Hotel TrypCayo Coco, Morón, Ciego de Avila

Sitio La Gűira
Morón, Ciego de Avila

Rocarena Restaurant and Nightclub
Morón, Ciego de Avila

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