Cheap Vacation to Cienfuegos, Cuba


The city of Cienfuegos is the capital of the province and is known for being the center of the sugar cane, coffee and tobacco trades. This historic town has buildings that date as far back as 1819.

Weather: 15 -15 C
Language: Spanish; English is moderately spoken.
Currency: Cuban Peso (CUC); $1 CD = 1 CUC

Getting There & Getting Around

The Jaime Gonazález Airport provides international flights for the city of Cienfuegos.

Bus: The Viazul, the Cuban bus system for tourists, is a good way to go between the cities of Habana, Varadero and Trinidad.

Taxi: Taxis are a comfortable way to travel as they take you right to your destination. Taxis are cost effective, but make sure you negotiate prices with the driver before departing to avoid scams.

Car Rentals: This is a great way to explore the area whether for a day or two. Rental cars are relatively cheap and allow you to go off the beaten track and really experience Cuba. Most rentals are manual transmission. Be careful when driving as roads are often poorly maintained. Driving at night is inadvisable.

Horse Cart: While these are mainly for Cubans there are exceptions made. These horse drawn ‘taxis’ are a quaint way to travel and allow travelers to hop-on-hop off.


Brisas Trinidad ★★★★☆

Club Amigo Ancon ★★★☆☆

Club Amigo Costasur ★★★☆☆

Club Playa Giron ★★☆☆☆

Hotel Rancho Luna ★★★☆☆


Arco de Triunfo
Located in Plaza de Josie Marti this is the only Arco de Triunfo in Cuba (built in 1902).

Castillo de Jagua
This fortress is located near the entrance to the Bay and was built in the 1740s to protect the city from pirates.

El Nicho Waterfalls
Visit on your own or with a tour to explore the waterfall and its pools. There are great views on the mountains.

Jardín Botánico de Cienfuegos
Founded in 1901 this is the oldest botanical garden in Cuba. This garden spans 97 hecters and features over 2,000 tropical exotic plants.

Palacio de Valle
This historic building has gorgeous wall mosaics and has recently been remodeled to include a restaurant. Not up for a meal? Enjoy cocktails on the rooftop terrace.

Plaza Josie Matri
This city square is a small park and is surrounded by beautiful government buildings. The boulevards around the square offer shopping opportunities. There is also a nearby market. This area is a World Heritage Site protected by UNESCO.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Calle 35 , entre 20 y 22 (Maleconcito), Cienfuegos
This lively disco-terrace is popular with tourists and locals alike!

Casa Prado
Calle 37 # 4626, Cienfuegos 55100, Cuba
Serving up Cuban and Italian dishes this a favourite with the locals.

De Paris
Calle 31 no 5212 entre 52 y 54 | Cienfuegos, Cuba, Cienfuegos, Cuba
This restaurant is serving up all things Caribbean. Stop in for some lobster..yum!

El Benny Club
Ave. 54 #2709, e/ 27 y 29, Cienfuegos
This club pays homage to famous Cuban singer Beny Moré and has nightly cabaret featuring his music.

El Tranvia
4530 Avenida 52 (Arguelles) | e/ 45 y 47, Cienfuegos, Cuba
This restaurant is serving up some seriously tasty Cuban dishes that are sure to please.

Restaurante Bahia
Ave: 40# 3713 e/ 37 y 39, Cienfuegos, Cuba
This gem is serving up a blend of Cuban and International items on their menu.

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