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Ixtapa, located in the State of Guerrero, Mexico is located on the lavish Pacific Coast along The Mexican Rivera. Ixtapa is more then just a unique name, it is a magical destination where you will succumb to the quieter way of life as you embark on a vacation filled with pristine beaches and quaint inns that allow you to experience the ‘real simple’ Mexico. The history of Ixtapa is unique in that it actually was a government-planned tourist resort destination. With its beautiful coastline and easy access to famous beach towns near by, this quaint destination is a place to go if you are looking to relax, unwind and take in the beauty of the sea.

Top Cities:

Zihuatanejo is a five-minute drive from Ixtapa and is a lovely little fishing village. With endless beaches and a magical town centre, this is the place you want to venture off to, to get back to a simple way of life. A short drive away you can be in the picturesque Troncones, where endless white sandy beaches await you or head a little ways up to Barra de Potosi, a destination with lovely beaches and a unique wildlife preserve and lagoons. Acapulco is another major destination located a short distance from Ixtapa and as Mexico’s original resort town it truly is a place to visit.

Top Beaches:

El Palmar Beach, the only beach in Ixtapa itself is a picture perfect beach with a palm-tree lined shore and white sand beneath your toes. The beach has endless activities along it’s busy shore with modern hotels lining the shore. Playa La Ropa, located in Zihuatanejo (the quaint town five minutes away from Ixtapa), is the place for the adventurist. From swimming to body surfing, this is all about getting that inner child out. Las Gatas Beach, also located in Zihuatanejo is home to a breathtaking underwater world. If you need a place to test out your new snorkel gear, this beach is it. The beauty of the water is found on the calming shores of La Saladita located 40 km north of Ixtapa. This is a surfers haven, with palm and mango trees lining the shore, a newfound surfing community has embraced the beauty of the waves here. La Madera Beach in Zihuatanejo is a lovely beach for bodysurfing or just cruising along the shore. With a waterfront walkway that takes you to several different coves, magic awaits you at every turn.

Currency, Culture, Language:

Currency – Pesos & US currency
Culture – Mexican
Language – Spanish & English

Attractions & Things To Do:

Love a little adventure while perusing white sandy beaches? At The Parque Aventura you will experience an adventure like never before. With suspension bridges, zip-lines and the magical woods, this is an adventure you’ll want to embark on with the whole crew. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon on horseback as you ride through Playa Linda, take to its beautiful beach and enjoy a surf lesson or two, or better yet, watch the locals rip on waves. Go kayaking, mountain biking, snorkeling, bird watching, or cycling around Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. Together these two towns offer a plethora of adventures to be had and memories to be made. One of the most precious places to snorkel in Ixtapa is Isla Ixtapa. With crystal clear waters you’ll swim into an underwater oasis like never before. Many tourists also take to Playa Linda’s cocodrilario (crocodile reserve) to take in the beauty of the natural creature world. Watching a crocodile in its natural habitat is a pretty unique thing, especially if you’re on a vacation that was supposed to be all about a little R&R.

Dining & Nightlife:

The lovely thing about Ixtapa is that because it was designed to be a tourist destination, the perfect laid back atmosphere of this destination never stops. From salsa dancing to an quiet dinner with the one you love, there are a plethora of clubs and restaurants in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo that will have you up all night. Christine’s is one of the most popular discos in Ixtapa. Located next to The Hotel Krystal, tourists and locals come here to let off a little steam, salsa style. Senor Frogs, Kopados Bar and Alebrije are all popular discos in Ixtapa. Each unique in its own right allow you to embrace the beauty of partying all night long.

If you are looking for a romantic dinner setting, stroll on over to Villa de la Selva, a fine dining resturant overlooking Ixtapa’s bahia El Palmar. Casa Morelos is known for its authentic Mexican dishes, where El Galeon takes you back to creating simple dishes with bold flavours. Overlooking the waterfront, El Galeon is a favourite among many. If you are looking for a little Italian while in Mexico, take to Beccofino’s, the restaurant is run by Angelo Pavia from San Remo, Italy, and truly makes you feel like your thousands of miles away, experiencing some of the best Italian food.

Why We Like It:

Ixtapa is easy to love because of it’s laid back way of life. The town isn’t big by any means, but the character of the place is what draws tourists here day in and day out. With pristine weather all year round, and white sandy beaches, it’s a destination will fall in love with every time we venture back.

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