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If you think Jamaica is all about living a Rastafarian life, well think again. Jamaica, of course true to its roots, is all about reggae and chilling out, island style, and is all about showcasing its mystical beauty of its pillow-white beaches, lush rainforests, and misty mountains. It’s certainly no wonder as to why tourists hop on over to Jamaica as it is the third largest island in the Caribbean, it’s surrounded by a narrow coastal plain and boasts hot tropical weather any day of the year. True to Jamaican culture you’re going to want to get lost in the music of Bob Marley, or dive into a plate of home-cooked Jamaican food. The food is even more vibrant than the colourful buildings you’ll be immersed in while strolling down to the beach. Many tourists come to Jamaica because of its eco-tourism, colonial architecture and coconut groves. Be sure to order a sweet coconut drink, as you’re lying out on the beach, fresh coconut juice from Jamaica is certainly like no other. The simplistic, laid-back lifestyle you’ll venture off to while in Jamaica is certainly one for the record books, the people of Jamaica certainly know how to lead a perfect life, island style.

Travel Information:

Currency – Jamaican dollar
Culture – Jamaican
Language – English
Tips – You will need a passport to get into the country. You will also need to travel with your return ticket or onward ticket for entry into Jamaica.
Weather – Rainy season is during May to June and September to November. Hurricane season is during June to September.

Top Cities:

Top Beaches:

Ahh, the joys of hanging out by the beach for a week. Of course, with Jamaica’s miles and miles of white sandy beaches, you just may never want to return home. Seven Mile Beach in Negril is a popular golden sand beach which stretches for 7 miles along the west coast, Treasure Beach, on The South Coast is one of the most secluded beaches, Doctor’s Cave Beach of Montego Bay is the tourist beach and Boston Bay Beach in Port Antonio is known for its waves, so rent a board and get your surf on here.


Jamaica is home to nature at its finest. If you love being outdoors and exploring the lands of a country, than Jamaica is the perfect spot for you. Hike through The Blue Mountains or the notable Dunn’s River Falls, explore The Black River, on the South Coast, where you’ll be immersed in swamps, mangrove trees and wild crocodiles. Go rafting on The Rio Grande, venture off to The Green Grotto Caves or go surfing at The Boston Bay Beach. Head off shopping for the day at Harmony Hall, the Contemporary Art Centre or The Craft Market where you’ll surely purchase a colourful piece of art or two. Of course you can’t leave Jamaica without visiting The Bob Marley Centre and Mausoleum where you can pay homage to the reggae master. Finally if you’re looking for a little bit of history, visit the Sun Valley Plantation, Prospect Plantation or The National Gallery, where history is laid out in its finest hour.

Dining & Nightlife:

Montego Bay, Kingston and Negril are where it’s at. Check out The Sugar Mill Restaurant, Jasmine or Margaritaville Sports Bar & Grill in Montego Bay. Head off to Hedonism II for the hottest nightclub in Negril or stroll on over to Mingles in Kingston, one of the best and safest places to be after dark in Jamaica. Be mindful that when traveling at night in Jamaica to stay within the resort area. Jamaica is known for its jerk chicken, and vibrant dishes, so venture off to one of the many restaurants in your resort to get a taste of the island.

Why We Love It:

Jamaica is one of those places where you sort of fall in love with it the second you get off of the plane. Not only does it have pristine beaches along the coast, but the adventures you can embark in while here are certainly one for the books. It’s not everyday you can explore the tropical rainforests and go rafting through the country’s rugged terrain all in one day. The country certain is the spot to take in a true island style vacation.

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