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Known as The Colonial City on the beach, Mazatlan is located on Mexican’s Gold Coast, and with mesmerizing sunsets and palm-lined stretches of beach, you will fall in love with this city in mere seconds. Explore the 12 miles of coastline, and become entrenched in all of the beauty of spending your days along the sweet shore. With historical attractions, and a variety of activities on and off land. Mazatlan is known for its rich culture. If you’re keenly interested in being apart of the unique celebrations, book your vacations surrounding such celebrations as Carnal de Mazatlan in March to The Mazatlan Cultural Festival in October. The harbor is one of the ‘busy’ places in town because it is one of Mexico’s largest commercial ports. Many cruises and other ships dock on this lovely shore daily. From hot temperatures throughout the year, to its pretty coastline, Mazatlan will become your new favorite destination hot spot.

Top Cities:

The city of Mazatlan is concentrated in two areas, the Zona Dorada, The Golden Zone and El Centro, downtown. The Golden Zone is where many luxurious resorts and unique restaurants are, and downtown is of course the heart of the city. Linked together by The Avenue Del Mar, this large city is a place of wonder no matter which side of the avenue you’ve landed on.

Top Beaches:

With 12 miles of palm-tree lined beaches, there are a plethora of beaches to choose from while vacationing in Mazatlan. Playa Sabalo and Playa Las Gavitoas are Mazatlan’s most famous beaches because of the white sand and turquoise waters. Grab your surf trunks and enjoy a day on these perfect beaches. Need a little rest and relaxation on this vacation? Venture off to Playa Los Bruja, Playa Olas Atlas or Playa Los Cerritos. Less crowded then most beaches; you’ll find a whole lot of serenity here. If you’re a surfer, or want to try out the art of surfing, venture off to Playa Bruja, Playa Los Pinos or Playa Olas Atlas. Be careful going out in the surf, we recommend always going out with an instructor or use the buddy surf system.

Currency, Culture, Language:

Currency – US
Culture – Mexican
Language – English & Spanish

Attractions & Things To Do:

Mazatlan is known for luxury along the shore. From enjoying a day out a sea on a catamaran, to taking to a romantic horseback riding tour along the coast, you truly will become a romantic adventure nut on this vacation. Take to the turtle sanctuary, go golfing, fishing or on a zip line tour to experience the wonders of the land or indulge in a little rest and relaxation as you spend the day shopping or at the spa. If you feel like venturing outside of Mazatlan for the day or two, take a day trip to Copala or Concordia, quaint villages at the foothills of The Sierra Madre Mountains. El Rosario is another notable town, and with its rich mining history, you will truly embark on a unique experience visiting the sights here. Notable historical sites for you to visit are The Open Market’s fresh product aisles, the mesmerizing Mazatlan Cathedral, Las Labradas, The Machado Plaza or The Angela Peralta Theater. With such a rich culture, be sure to explore the city of Mazatlan during one of their many festivals to take in the true Mazatlan-ian experience.

Dining & Nightlife:

Stroll through The Golden Zone and you will find an abundance of restaurants and plances to dance the night away. From fresh local cuisine, to indulging in some of the best seafood in the area, Mazatlan is a place of pure perfection. Head on over to Costra de Ora for over the top chilequiles, to Torres Mazatlan for Sunday brunch, or Te Aamo Lucy’s for authentic Mexican cuisine. If you’re looking to spend the night in your dancing shoes, head out to Senor Frogs, Gringo Lingo or Bora Bora, a massive open-air dance club.

Why We Like It:

We love Mazatlan because of its uniquely rich history. The moment you stroll into town you will feel a sense of a deep-rooted culture that is embodied in everything the locals do. With pearly white sandy beaches and a few history lessons along the way, Mazatlan is the place to be.

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