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Vacationers who want to plan an amazing tropical getaway don’t need to look any further; Puerto Plata is a scenic area with beautiful golden sand beaches and a magnanimous mountain backdrop. One of the best reasons for visiting is the friendly locals and the laid back, relaxing atmosphere of daily life. Chose to relax on the beach or experience the numerous experiences adventure tourism has to offer, from whale watching and diving to white water rafting and windsurfing!

Weather: 15 C – 35 C
Language: Spanish, some English is spoken in tourist areas.
Currency: Dominican Peso (DOP); $1 CD = 40.41 DOP (as of December 3, 2012)

Getting There & Getting Around

Puerto Plata is easy to travel to as it has its own airport, La Union International Airport (POP).

Bus: Buses are a great way to travel if you want to visit other areas of the Dominican. Fares start at 100 RD (Roughly $2.65).

Guagua: This is a form of transportation between towns and villages and is mostly privately owned mini-vans. They are easy to recognize because they will honk their horn as they approach and the fare collector will probably be hanging out of the door waving you in. Although this is the cheapest way to travel, vehicle are often in poor condition and will overfill their seats. They will stop anywhere along the main roads to drop off or pick up. They tend to try and overcharge tourists so make sure you agree on a price beforehand and have exact change.

Caro Publico: These multi-passenger cars have a sign on the roof indicating their route. They will also honk as they approach and you can respond by waving so they know to stop. Their routes are fixed so make sure your destination is on their route before you get in. They will also overfill their cars and are unlikely to have change.

Motoconcho: This is a ride on a privately owned motorbike. You won’t miss them as they are likely to see you first and will hold up their hand and beep their horn as they approach. This form of transportation is popular for short trips within the city but is not advisable for long distance as it can be dangerous as not many people wear helmets. Prices increase after sunset.

Taxi: Although often more expensive than other options, including car rentals, this is a comfortable way to get around.

Car Rentals: Car rentals are available from the airport as well as most hotels. All road signs are in Spanish making driving anywhere long distance difficult. Also, many side roads are in disrepair and the locals are crazy drivers so driving is not recommended for inexperienced drivers.


Celuisma Playa Dorada         ★★★☆☆

Riu Bachata          ★★★★★

Riu Merengue         ★★★★☆

VH Gan Ventana Beach Resort         ★★★★☆

Viva Wyndham Tangerine        ★★★★☆


Puerto Plata’s tourist zone includes approximately 300 000 square meters of golden sand beaches. The beaches in and around Puerto Plata are fronted by coral reefs making for picture perfect diving and snorkeling.

Long Beach: This is the main beach located to the east along the Malecon.

Playa de Long Beach: The public beach for Puerto Plata.

Playa Dorada (Golden beach): Despite its name, this beach has the whitest sand in the area and features 24kms of it!

Guarapitao Beach: To the west of Puerta Plata you can fine this beautiful shaded beach.

Up and down the coast there are many other beaches such as Cabarete, Cano Grande, Boca de Cangrejo, Playa de Copello and Bergantin.


Amber Museum
There are only two place in the world with significant amounts of Amber, and Puerto Plata is one of them. This is why many of the beaches are slightly golden in colour.

Brugal Rum Distillery
This distillery offers free tours throughout its facilities that produce white and dark rum. You will also have the opportunity to buy inexpensive rum.

Cigar Factory Tour
This tour takes you through the center of the cigar industry where cigars are made individually by hand.

Cable Car Tour
This tour has beatuiful views of the ocean and area surrounding Puerto Plata as you make your way up the top of Mount Isabel. On top of the mountain you will find botanical gardens, a statue of Christ, a restaurant and several shops.

El Morro National Park
This is a park for bird enthusiast as it’s home to numerous species.

Fuerte San Felipe (San Felipe Fort)
This Fort includes a small museum and is the only remains of Puerto Plata’s colonial history.

Gri Gri Lagoon
Tours to this lagoon are provided by locals who know the area. Located 15 minutes outside of town the wildlife in this area is breathtaking.

Playa Dorada Plaza
Here you can find many locals with handmade crafts.

Ocean World Adventure Park
THis aquatic complex allows guests to connect with marine life as well as having restaurants, bars, a casino, a disco lounge and a theatre.

Whale Watching
January through April humpback whales return to Samana Bay, with the most popular spot being Silver Bank. Scuba divers can enjoy the sound of the whales.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Café Cito
This café has a roof top bar and offers live jazz performances.

Hemingway’s Café
This prominent hang out spot brings tourists together.

Hispaniola Restaurant
Plaza el Pueblito Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata 809, Dominican Republic
The menu mirrors the owners Canadian culture while providing a view of the beach and ocean.

La Parrillada
Av. Manolo Tavares Justo, Puerto Plata None, Dominican Republic

Lighthouse Lounge & Disco

Los Charros Y Los Pinches Chaparros
#5 Cofresi Beach, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
This restaurant serves a Mexican menu with a scrumptious mixture of spices that light up your taste buds alongside delicious cocktails. They speak fluent English so ordering is easy!

Mares Restaurant & Lounge
Francisco j. peynado # 6, Puerto Plata 58000, Dominican Republic
This hidden gem is more upscale than most of the other local restaurants. There is no sign outside of the establishment making it difficult to find. But the fresh salmon and pumpkin soup is worth the hunt.

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