Cheap Vacations To Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara, Cuba is a young city where you’ll enjoy the beauty of the outside while perusing through the park. Home to The University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas, the city is proud of its distinct programs and showcases their appreciation for this university by continually developing their land.

One of the best things about Santa Clara isn’t just it’s hot summer weather all year round, but its wide, vast green spaces that showcase a side of the world that we all love to venture off to now and then. The infamous Parque Vidal is where an entire square block is centered around the beauty of the land. This park is a typical lounging spot in Cuba during the afternoons as many locals and tourists alike peruse the park during this time. The city is also home to a variety of lesser-known, but still beautiful parks such as Parque de la Justicia, Parque de la Pastora, Parque de los Martires or Parque del Carmen (The City’s Foundation Site). Stand atop the city as you venture up to Loma del Capiro, where you will see the most magical view of the city, or visit the Catedral de Santa Clara de Asis to take in a little history.

While in Santa Clara you can easily get around by taxi, car or moped. The Parque Vidal is closed to traffic and if you are cycling through the city you must dismount your bike.

Santa Clara is the perfect place if you are looking to step away from the craziness of Havana and be ringed in by low hills and picturesque parks.

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