A Hotel Made of Ice…Say What?!

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If you’re ever in Quebec during those cold winter months, one of the most unique things you’ll experience is spending the night at The Hotel de Glace, Quebec City’s Ice Hotel. Just 10 minutes from downtown Quebec, the gigantic snow vaults and crystalline ice sculptures are what attract tourists here on a yearly basis.

You’ll certainly be living the most Nordic experience yet, on this side of the world, as you embark on your nights stay at The Hotel de Glace. With 36 rooms, each showcases their brilliance through bright lights, and the most unique igloo you’ll ever see. From everything to the traditional intimate igloo, to the more fascinating themed suites, you’ll be immersed in a cool evening as you embark on this adventure.

Its not everyday you can say that you slept in an igloo, and so if you’re looking for the ultimate experience in Quebec, you’re going to want to venture off here. If you’d rather visit the hotel for the day, as sleeping in an igloo is just totally not you, than let the tour guides take you on a tour like never before. The hotel is entirely made of ice and snow, and so let your extraordinary tour begin as you stand below is majestic ice chandelier, are welcomed with a smile from the front desk, and are shown the intricately designed rooms, enchanting chapel or most notably the famous Grand Ice Slide.

The hotel, in all its wonderfully cold brilliance is a sight to see, so if you’re one that can’t get enough of that cold, wintery weather, head off to this hotel during those cold winter months.

Quebec Ice Hotel

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