Enchanting Seas

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The enchanting landscape of the shining sea and picturesque mountains is one of the many reasons tourists flock to a lovely little seaside town hours away from Milan, Italy. Hans Christian Andersen, a prominent Danish writer, deemed the old village of Sestri Levante The “Bay of Fairy Tales” and he certainly couldn’t have put it any better. It’s as though when you explore this enchanted town, you feel as though you step into the perfect fairytale.

Sestri Levante, is known for its impeccable beaches; spend the day at The Baia del Silenzio (The Silent Bay), The Baia delle Favole or Baia delle Favole (Bay of Fairytales) to indulge in the sun-soaked perfection of this town. From the plethora of restaurants along the Baia del Silenzio to the playground at Baia delle Favole, families, couples and friends have been coming to Sestri for years.

As you peruse through the streets you’ll find the cutest little rustic restaurants, shops and gelato storefronts that will have your eyes gleaming into each storefront. Being a seaside town, the fish is impeccable, the style is casual and there is a calmness found in the air.

If you wish to be amazed even more, walk up the rugged terrain, to the top of the short mountain where you’ll be enthralled by the views of the turquoise waters below. All you have to do is spend a weekend in Sestri, and you’ll want to purchase your own old-fashioned condo or townhouse, it’s just that perfect here.

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