Florence’s Fancy Markets

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Florence is a historically rich city. There is much to bode about if you are a local of Florence with its high fashion boutique shops to its enchanting cobblestone streets, there is history at The Gucci Museum, statues of the greatest minds and breathtaking religious sights. People who live here find happiness and bliss as they enjoy a dinner at 9pm and take to spending their days enjoying the beauty of their city.

When traveling through the cobblestone streets you’ll soon realize why people are so laid back here, they have everything at their fingertips all within walking distance to six different markets. As you stroll through the streets, you’ll become entranced by the rows upon rows of fresh food, apparel and leather markets. From The Central Market’s delicacies and fresh fruit to San Lorenzo’s Market.

San Lorenzo Market is the famous leather market that runs from The Church of San Lorenzo along Via Ariento straight through to Via Nazionale. The market is literally stalls upon stalls of leather, souvenirs and clothing standing tall throughout Florence’s cobblestone streets. The Central Market is where you’ll be in food heaven. With 12- year old balsamic vinegar and the richest of cheeses, this market is where all the food lovers venture off to, to experience the finer things in life.

The markets of Florence bring tourists from around the world ready and eager to pursue the streets to find a few impeccable purchases. No matter if you’re a window shopper or a love to shop kind of person, Florence’s Fancy Markets are a place of sheer wonderment for all those who take to the bustling indoor and outdoor markets.

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