One Magnificent Mile

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The impeccable boutiques, restaurants and hotels along a length of a mile, is what makes The Magnificent Mile, located in the heart of Chicago, One of the Great Avenues of The World. As you venture off to The Magnificent Mile you’ll be immersed in a historical setting, innovative architecture, distinct boutiques and retail stores, world-class hotels, premier office space, spectacular streetscapes and fine dining at its best.

As you peruse down this mile, there are indeed a plethora of tourists, but there is one that thing is distinctly different from a large city in The USA; the streets are wide, the suites are out, and the tourists sort of blend in with the locals. That’s the thing I loved about The Mile, the streets were perfectly manicured, and didn’t boast a ton of tourists, as the sidewalks were so wide you could fit a whole school on the streets and not even know they were walking the same street as you.

Of course one of the many reasons tourists venture off here is to shop. The shopping is some of the best, and so if you love to shop, you’ll find everything from Zara to Neiman Marcus. There is also a multitude of restaurants lining the street and beyond, everything from the famous Purple Pig to high-class, fine-dining Ralph Lauren Restaurant. Or better yet, spend the day playing tourists and fly up to The John Hancock Observatory, stroll through The Chicago River or hop on a Double Decker bus to take you around the city. No matter how you chose to explore The Magnificent Mile you’ll love every second of it.

Magnificent Mile
Photo Courtesy of West End
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