Perfect Pools

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Champange Pools

Photo Courtesy of Teicke

If you ever get the chance to venture off to Fraser Island in Australia, you’re going to want to take your rugged 4×4 up to the opening where you then walk to see the most beautiful naturally created pools Australia has ever seen. The Champagne Pools are located just north of Indian Head, along a 75-mile beach. If you’re like me and my gang, well than you would’ve walked the long beach to this perfect spot, but if you’re like others, you could’ve driven up to the wooden steps that will take you to the pools. We of course, like the adventure, so we thought hey why not walk along the white pristine beaches of Fraser Island.

When we turned the corner and saw The Champagne Pools, we ran down the steps, and jumped into the water below. The pools are one of the only spots on the island to swim in the sweet smelling saltwater, as the ocean gracefully crashes water into the pools.

As you step into the water, its like you experience an ‘ahhh’ moment. The views are picturesque, the water is relatively warm, and the shallow sandy at the bottom exudes the perfect spot to chill out for an hour or two. The majestic nature of The Champagne Pools should surely be on your top 10 list of things to see while in Australia, and if anyone ever sways you from not visiting this natural beauty, than you’ll want to brush them aside and run all the way to this perfect little pools along the ocean shore.

Champagne Pools

Photo Courtesy ofégis Matthey

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