The Kurama-dera Mountain Temple

The Kurama-dera Mountain Temple

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Just outside of Kyoto, Japan, lies one of the most mesmerizing temples high up in the mountains. The Kurama-dera Mountain Temple is known for its natural powers of inspiration and enlightenment simply by just visiting such a picturesque temple. By train, travel from the city to suburb to forests to the most splendid temple. Upon arriving at the temple, the views of valley down below are truly breathtaking. The temple is simply beautiful with its breathtaking archiecture and perfection up in the mountains.

It truly places a sense of awe and wonder as you embark on your own quest for enlightenment traveling to various temples within Asia. One of the lovely things about this temple is that it usually isn’t to busy, which adds that sense of solitude to your adventure. After you snap a photograph or two, and take in its natural beauty through prayer or meditation, follow the path down from the temple to a quaint little town called Kurama. In this town you will not only be surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains and countryside, but will rejuvenate your soul as you enjoy The Kurama Hot Springs.

The baths, traditionally known as ‘onsen’ are full of rich minerals to energize your body, mind and soul. We suggest you take the walk to the hot springs and back as it is just a short walk, and takes you through the beautiful Japanese countryside. Whether your in Kyoto for a day or three, ensure you set aside half a day or a day to embark on this journey through the mountains like no other.

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